jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! In this post I will be writting about my planes for summer holidays.
Beginning with this topic, I don`t have all holiday preparations but I have a idea of which I want to do in the summer. I want to travel towards to the south, the distance that I go all over to the south be dependent of the money that I have in this moment, when I will startting the travel.
Firts I want begin in Puerto Montt and I would go in a bus from Santiago. Thus, I go to the Nacional Park Alerce Andino for I enjoy the climate rainy and all nature. Also I would like to visit Chaiten but for a short time, only to meet the place. In addition I would like to visit Chiloé too and I meet all is I have the money. I went to Chiloé but I don´t met all places, only Ancud and Castro.
Later, I would like to go to Coyaique Becouse I have a friend that he are living there. I would like arrive move over land it is complicate but beatiful travel. From Puerto Montt I would to Futaleufu and next to Argentina for finally arrive to Coyaique.
I would like to make the travel with my friends of the school or with my friend of the university, in any case I walk-away very well.
In this places I would like walk too much, through several places for I meet the south of Chile. Also I would like eat good food. 

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! In this post I will write about wich I think relating to films.

Beginning this topic, I go to the cinema almost every all the month, sometime more sometime less. And the kind of films I like principally being suspense and drama. Also I like several directors, but someone have more movies that I like, thus my favorites directors are Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen. And the last film that I saw is Death and the Maiden of Roman Polanski. Also the best movie that I saw this year is "El tambor de hojalata", german movie of Volker Schlödorff. And the worst film that I saw this year is The spectacular now, I found this movie in Netflix, It was so boring, not even I finished to saw.

Continnuing with this topic, I  think that my all-time favorite film It is The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind of Michel Gondry. It is about two people who meet one day and then realize that they knew each other before but decided to forget, they did it in a clinic specializing in erasing memories to people through a machine. This movie stars to Jim Carry and Kate Winslet. I like this because is a romance movie that is not a Hollywood cliché. I have seen many time it, I lost count. And I would totally reccomend it.

An finally, the film I would like to see again is Amelie.


jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! In this post I will write about the plans I have for my future, after I finish my pregraduate and subsequently I take postgraduate studies.

Sincerely, I think a litle about postgraduate studies, because I think already about my tesis of pregraduate. But anyway I will write about I have in mine.

Beginnig with this topic, I need to do the course because it is demanded at the career of archaeology for field work digging out archaeology sites. Like this the subject I would like to study a postgraduate in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art or the other choice it is a postgraduate in ceramis remainder or something that I be able to associate with art Also etnoarchaeology, I have many choices that I want up to now.

I would like a Postgraduate in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art or a postgraduate in ceramics remainder abroad for I meet other peoples ideas and work way in the field work.

Also I would  like to study half day and five days to the week for I have free the weekend and meet different places.

In addition. I like take a postgraduate studies for I can learn ever more about field work.

It is all about I think of my postgraduate studies up to now.

Thank you for readding me.


jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016


Hi! In this postwill write about my future job.

Begining with this topic, my future job, I would have is of archaeologist, It is wich I am studing at present. I don`t imagine much this, but I have a idea., I am going field work for excavate and I am working in the laboratory for analyze the material, I think therefore I would work outdoors and indoors.

Also I would like to travel a lot for Chile, and other parts around the word studing, I hope this, because It will part of my job.

Continuing with this topic, I would like work with my teachers in the University at Chile. Also, still I don`t know wich kind of major I can study, but I would like study something associated with etnoarchaeology or ceramics reamainder, because that wich I am studing, it help in the work specialize in something, also I like this area of my career, for I continue study.

This job it is most variable and flexible that other jobs, because I would have formal dress and I would do all day the same thing. But, in any case, It demand discipline and responsability, becuase in this job have to work many hours for reach the aim of the investigation.


jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016


Hi! in this post I will writte about wich iterest about art.

Begining with this topic, I enjoy art because it is other form special of expression the feellings, thinkings and ideals. Also when I was a kid I interested in art because my family iterested too then I met kind of art from I was a children.Then now I like very much to visit museums, above everything of art.

My best artistic abilities are the visual and plastics art, I draw and paint from I was a kid, thus I participated in art competitions in the school.

Also I like modern and contemporary art, i took a art
contemporary workshop and I lerned very much about art cotemporary and I liked this.
Continue with this topic, I consider graffiti a form of art but I don`t like when graffiti is make on other expressions of art, like murals or architectural patrimony because is violent cover a real art expressiones of other people.

At finish this blog I wil writte about my favorite artist. My favorite artist is John Lennon because he was very complete artist because he drew, sing and played instrumet I admire to much to him. But I have other favorite artist, is Gustav Klimt because I like the colours and topics employed him.


jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016


Hi! in this time I will write about the music mean to me.

The music very important in my life, I can`t live without music. The music is my partner when I am alone or when I stay with people important to me. The music reinforce my spirit.

The kind of music I like is the rock and your variations, how rock indie or alternative, also I like a little pop music.For other way, the music I dislake in the latin romance, it is in accordance with me.

In addition, my favorite group is The Beatles, I like them because I listen to song from that I was a girl with my sister. Also, other group I like very much is The Arctic Monkeys because they are very good musician -as well as they was the protagonist of my last post blog.

I been to many concert, becaus I like very much this atmosphere, I happened awesome.
Also I don`t listen the radio every time but I listen my collection music every day in spotify or youtube so already I don`t ever download music files from the internet. Also in someone time I buy many CDs but now I use my money in other things.

I finish this post about the music mean to me.


jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016


Hi! In this post I choose to write about the topic: the best concert I have had.

The concert was in Santiago, Chile, specifically in the MOVISTAR ARENA, located in Parque O’higgins. And I went to saw a band, called “The Arctic Monkeys”. 

They are an English Indie band formed in 2002, the band consists of Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley. Also they have released five studio albums: At the Apollo (2008). And other thing about this band is that they were heralded as one of the first bands to come to public attention via the Internet.

I went with friends, we reached a good position because we found more people that we knew, and they had arrived early to the concert. The MOVISTAR ARENA was full. The show started with the band The Hives, they were really good, they encouraged us all before the principal presentation. After them, The Arctic Monkeys took the stage. They played awesome, the show was amazing, I sang all songs, and with my friends we were very happy. Also Alex Turner, the vocalist, looked so pretty. It was an unforgettable day.