jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016


Hi! In this postwill write about my future job.

Begining with this topic, my future job, I would have is of archaeologist, It is wich I am studing at present. I don`t imagine much this, but I have a idea., I am going field work for excavate and I am working in the laboratory for analyze the material, I think therefore I would work outdoors and indoors.

Also I would like to travel a lot for Chile, and other parts around the word studing, I hope this, because It will part of my job.

Continuing with this topic, I would like work with my teachers in the University at Chile. Also, still I don`t know wich kind of major I can study, but I would like study something associated with etnoarchaeology or ceramics reamainder, because that wich I am studing, it help in the work specialize in something, also I like this area of my career, for I continue study.

This job it is most variable and flexible that other jobs, because I would have formal dress and I would do all day the same thing. But, in any case, It demand discipline and responsability, becuase in this job have to work many hours for reach the aim of the investigation.


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