jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016


Hi! in this time I will write about the music mean to me.

The music very important in my life, I can`t live without music. The music is my partner when I am alone or when I stay with people important to me. The music reinforce my spirit.

The kind of music I like is the rock and your variations, how rock indie or alternative, also I like a little pop music.For other way, the music I dislake in the latin romance, it is in accordance with me.

In addition, my favorite group is The Beatles, I like them because I listen to song from that I was a girl with my sister. Also, other group I like very much is The Arctic Monkeys because they are very good musician -as well as they was the protagonist of my last post blog.

I been to many concert, becaus I like very much this atmosphere, I happened awesome.
Also I don`t listen the radio every time but I listen my collection music every day in spotify or youtube so already I don`t ever download music files from the internet. Also in someone time I buy many CDs but now I use my money in other things.

I finish this post about the music mean to me.


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