jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016


Hi! in this post I will writte about wich iterest about art.

Begining with this topic, I enjoy art because it is other form special of expression the feellings, thinkings and ideals. Also when I was a kid I interested in art because my family iterested too then I met kind of art from I was a children.Then now I like very much to visit museums, above everything of art.

My best artistic abilities are the visual and plastics art, I draw and paint from I was a kid, thus I participated in art competitions in the school.

Also I like modern and contemporary art, i took a art
contemporary workshop and I lerned very much about art cotemporary and I liked this.
Continue with this topic, I consider graffiti a form of art but I don`t like when graffiti is make on other expressions of art, like murals or architectural patrimony because is violent cover a real art expressiones of other people.

At finish this blog I wil writte about my favorite artist. My favorite artist is John Lennon because he was very complete artist because he drew, sing and played instrumet I admire to much to him. But I have other favorite artist, is Gustav Klimt because I like the colours and topics employed him.


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