jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! In this post I will write about the plans I have for my future, after I finish my pregraduate and subsequently I take postgraduate studies.

Sincerely, I think a litle about postgraduate studies, because I think already about my tesis of pregraduate. But anyway I will write about I have in mine.

Beginnig with this topic, I need to do the course because it is demanded at the career of archaeology for field work digging out archaeology sites. Like this the subject I would like to study a postgraduate in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art or the other choice it is a postgraduate in ceramis remainder or something that I be able to associate with art Also etnoarchaeology, I have many choices that I want up to now.

I would like a Postgraduate in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art or a postgraduate in ceramics remainder abroad for I meet other peoples ideas and work way in the field work.

Also I would  like to study half day and five days to the week for I have free the weekend and meet different places.

In addition. I like take a postgraduate studies for I can learn ever more about field work.

It is all about I think of my postgraduate studies up to now.

Thank you for readding me.


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