jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! In this post I will be writting about my planes for summer holidays.
Beginning with this topic, I don`t have all holiday preparations but I have a idea of which I want to do in the summer. I want to travel towards to the south, the distance that I go all over to the south be dependent of the money that I have in this moment, when I will startting the travel.
Firts I want begin in Puerto Montt and I would go in a bus from Santiago. Thus, I go to the Nacional Park Alerce Andino for I enjoy the climate rainy and all nature. Also I would like to visit Chaiten but for a short time, only to meet the place. In addition I would like to visit Chiloé too and I meet all is I have the money. I went to Chiloé but I don´t met all places, only Ancud and Castro.
Later, I would like to go to Coyaique Becouse I have a friend that he are living there. I would like arrive move over land it is complicate but beatiful travel. From Puerto Montt I would to Futaleufu and next to Argentina for finally arrive to Coyaique.
I would like to make the travel with my friends of the school or with my friend of the university, in any case I walk-away very well.
In this places I would like walk too much, through several places for I meet the south of Chile. Also I would like eat good food. 

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