jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016


Hi! In this time a will to wreathing about a country I would like to go.
Begin with this post, wreathing that I would visit many places and countries in my life, but the place in the world that I wish go there soon is the selva in South America, specifically the Amazon, on Perú, because this year, in the summer, I went to Bolivia and  I would have liked to have been there, because this place was so close, but this time I hadn´t to choose.

I know about this about wich I had reading, beacause of the university, since I study archaeology. Also because of I had watch about documentary and TV program. In this place have many flora and fauna assorted.   

Also I like to do there is walking and get to know about all life, human, animals and plants.

Finishing with this post, I like to visit Perú beacause ofsabbatical year to meet about the life in the amazon and also to learn about archaeological sites discover in this place.



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